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Create © Date with Javascript

Posted by TechIsCool

So I was in search of a way to make the copyright year automatically update after the year the web page was created. I found a few but there was no fallback support so it might seem trivial but here it is
<a id="yr">2008</a>
<script type="text/javascript">
var yr=(new Date().getFullYear());
document.getElementById('yr').innerHTML= yr;

So what it does is if JavaScript is enabled it replace the <a id=”yr”></a> with the current year called by JavaScript

3 Months Already

Posted by TechIsCool

I can believe that it has already been 3 months since I posted here… sorry for that feels like yesterday. I am enjoying still playing halo 3 but if I had a choice I would be Playing Halo Wars. What an awesome game I know it seems like something far out there because the RTS fan base does not like control based controls but I seem to enjoy beating people. I will have to post some new pictures of the Road trip we are going on to California but right now these are some sweet Panoramas that you can look at here

So that’s all for now but i will be sure to post some pictures this week

Sorry IE Users

Posted by TechIsCool

Hey everyone i would like to apologize about having a broken site for all IE users i had a bunch of weird code in a post that mess it up


Geo Map

Posted by TechIsCool

click image to enlarge.

Games 4 Windows

Posted by TechIsCool

The new Microsoft Games for Windows live Marketplace was a simple thing to install but i was wishing for more. as you can see after you hit Read the rest of this entry »

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