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GrailsStarter Encountered an Error.

If you like me sometimes your working on a project that has multiple versions of grails. In this case I was working on a project that had 3.2.7 and 3.4.4 My current application needs 3.4.4 but when running which grails. It returned 3.2.7 After checking the PATH variable I found that there was a symlink connected /usr/bin/grails to /opt/grails-3.2.7/bin/grails. After Adjusting it to /opt/grails-3.4.4/bin/grails. I encounted this nice and cryptic message.

After poking around the internet for far to long I found that I was missing a symlink for

/usr/bin/startGrails which was still symlinked to /opt/grails-3.2.7/bin/startGrails after linking it to  /opt/grails-3.4.4/bin/startGrails everything started to work.


I hope this helps someone since the stackoverflow post did not work for me.

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