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OpenLRS-ng Taranis Configuration with Telemetry

So I have been working on trying to get my new openLRSng modules (Orange TX 100mw and Orange RX 100mw) to talk with each other and my Taranis. From everything I read it should work after some programing. What I have found is this was harder than I expected mostly due to the use of the dtr pin on a serial adapter that is being used to reset the device for programing. Since this is a ATmega168p I just programmed it using my AVR Dragon. This worked except to get into the configuration I had to toggle the reset from within Atmel Studio. The next challenge was trying to the telemetry functioning correctly.

Things I have learned from this experience and I hope you don’t have to.

Build a Serial Inverter for the Taranis inside the openLRS-ng TX

  1. Link to Diagram

Correct Configuration for Naze32, openLRS-ng, and Taranis


  1. TX is now on RC Pin 6, RX is now on RC pin 5
    • NOTE: You can use Pin 8 and 7 if telemetry_port = 0
  2. Config Settings
    1. feature softserial
    2. set softserial_1_inverted = 0
    3. set telemetry_provider = 0
    4. set telemetry_port = 1
    5. set softserial_baudrate = 9600
    6. save


  1.  Serial baudrate = 9600
  2. Data rate = 56700
  3. Enable Telemetry = Yes – FrSky
  4. Save to EEPROM


  1. Edit Model
    1. Model Setup (2/12)
      1. Internal RF
        1. Mode = OFF
      2. External RF
        1. Mode = PPM
        2. Channel Range = CH1-8
        3. PPM frame = 22.5ms 300u –
    2. Telemetry (12/12)
      1. Telemetry Type = FrSky D

Open of the weirdest issues I found was the Taranis kept getting some of the telemetry packets but they just seemed to be flaky. After about an hour of playing with it and a forum post I found this.

  1. To avoid the telemetry loss / acquired message, disable the “internal module”. They share the telemetry bus and thus you will get telemetry streams mixed if they are both enabled. [1]

I hope that this give just a little bit more insight into configuring the openLRS-ng with the Taranis and Naze32. I would like to also thank kha for his work on the project and helping me through these problems.

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