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Updating AVR Dragon to Latest Version

Today I tried to update my AVR Dragon to the latest version. Using AVR Studio 5.1 it told me that I was not running the latest firmware and I needed to upgrade. I clicked OK and it asked me to upgrade the firmware I tried and it say update complete please power cycle your device. After doing so it still had the same firmware version 7.e on my device. I tried re-installing AVR studio 5.1 to no avail after trying all of this I found out that there is a command line version of the firmware flasher. it is found in
“C:\Program File (x86)\Atmel\AVR STudio 5.1\extensions\Utils\bin\” its called avrfwupgrade.exe a
nd is pass command line variable for updating the device in question.

avrfwupgrade -p AVRDRAGON -a -s 123456789ABC

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