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VMware vCenter vSphere-Client Error #2048

Posted by TechIsCool

vCenter Appliance was throwing this error and I have spent to much time trying to diagnose it when its something really simple. I have a DNS name for my vCenter Appliance configured but I was still using the Self Signed Certificate. So when I browsed to it did not work but when I browsed to it did.


Below is the error message that did not resolve for me when I tried to google for it.

An internal error has occurred – [SecurityErrorEvent type="securityError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2048"].

Reloading the client is recommended, so as to clear any problems left by this error.

Click Yes to reload the vSphere Web Client?


Hope this helps someone.

AtmelStudio 6 Windows 8 AVR Dragon Debug

Posted by TechIsCool

I have been working with getting Atmel Studio 6 to actually work in Windows 8 it seems to be a bit more picky then Windows 7 in terms of actually being able to debug. So to get the AVR Dragon to actually install you have to update the drivers that are located For

Windows 8 32bit: “C:\Program Files\Atmel\Atmel USB\usb32\windrv6.inf” or
Windows 8 64bit: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\Atmel USB\usb64\windrv6.inf”

After that worked I found out that the avrdbg.exe does not launch correctly when Studio launches to get around this you need to start avrdgb.exe via the command line before launching avr studio.

1. Launch avrdbg from command prompt.
2. Start AVR studio. Go to Tools | Options | Debugger | AVR debugger , and set “AVR debugger port” to 4711.
3. Wait for avrdbg to come up.
4. Restart AVR studio.

Updating AVR Dragon to Latest Version

Posted by TechIsCool

Today I tried to update my AVR Dragon to the latest version. Using AVR Studio 5.1 it told me that I was not running the latest firmware and I needed to upgrade. I clicked OK and it asked me to upgrade the firmware I tried and it say update complete please power cycle your device. After doing so it still had the same firmware version 7.e on my device. I tried re-installing AVR studio 5.1 to no avail after trying all of this I found out that there is a command line version of the firmware flasher. it is found in
“C:\Program File (x86)\Atmel\AVR STudio 5.1\extensions\Utils\bin\” its called avrfwupgrade.exe a
nd is pass command line variable for updating the device in question.

avrfwupgrade -p AVRDRAGON -a -s 123456789ABC

Upgrading from iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 5.0.1 with Jailbreak & Unlocked baseband

Posted by TechIsCool

Today I finally decided that it was time to upgrade my iPhone 4 from iOS 4 to iOS 5 since the untethered jailbreak was released. My iPhone 4 had firmware version 4.2.1 with baseband 0.1.59 still on it. This was not because I need the unlock but just because everyone has always said to keep it. iTunes backed up my phone completely and then I confirmed the backup worked properly. Alright time to upgrade I ran sn0wbreeze to remove the baseband in 5.0.1. All was going well until I got the firmware on my iPhone. I had run redsn0w to jailbreak the device which worked but after making it through the few new iPhone promote screen it would not let me restore my device the backup I had made earlier all iTunes was allowing me to do was create a new device. Well the only thing to do was roll back to iOS 4.2.1. Keeping with the standard I used sn0wbreeze to remove the baseband and then restored 4.2.1 the backup worked correctly. Good it worked now to restore back to 5.0.1, alright that worked and I did not run redsn0w yet and it let me restore from a backup.

tl;dr Make sure not to run redsn0w before you restore from backup.

Installing Arduino on Ubuntu 10.04

Posted by TechIsCool

I fought with installing the Arduino IDE on Ubuntu 10.04 so I though I would write something up on my blog so everyone could use it for reference.

Open Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal

Type "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:arduino-ubuntu-team"

then type "sudo apt-get update"

then open System -> Administration -> Software Sources

Check the following

Community-maintained Open Source software (universe)

Software restricted by copyright or legal issues (multiverse)

then Applications -> Ubuntu Software Center -> Search for “Arduino” Click Install

After That is installed go back into the terminal and run"sudo usermod -aG dialout myuser" NOTE: Replace myuser with your username

You Should be all set to work in the Arduino IDE

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